5 Reasons it’s Important to Chew Your Food


5 Reasons it’s Important to Chew Your Food

For the majority of people, chewing is a natural habit or reflex that we do without any conscious effort. But just because it doesn’t require a large amount of concentration to do doesn’t mean it’s not vital, the process of chewing is quite important to your overall health and acts as the first step of your digestion process.

Here are five reasons that chewing more slowly at your next meal is important.

  1. Increases Saliva Production.

Saliva benefits many things in regards to your oral health such as: maintaining moisture within the mouth, aids in chewing, tasting, and swallowing, and rinses out bad bacteria, food debris, and germs to help prevent bad breath.

  1. Increases Absorption

In decreasing the speed at which you chew you’ll help to break food down more than you would by rushing through a meal. By doing so you’ll give your body the opportunity to absorb more of the nutrients and energy that can be found in your food.

  1. Manages Weight

Increasing the length of time that you chew your food also, in turn, increases the amount of time it takes you to finish your meal. By lengthening the process of eating your food you can actually encourage your body to eat less, leading to potential weight loss.

  1. Improves Health of Teeth

When you chew you are exercising the bones and muscles found in and around your mouth. This helps them build on their strength and promotes healthier gums, teeth, and jaw bones.

  1. Improves Enjoyment

If you’re always in a hurry you’ll never enjoy the full potential and flavor profiles of the food you’re eating. Many restaurants put a lot of thought and care into what they serve and they take pride in the quality of the food on the menu. Make sure to take the time to eat your meal for your own personal enjoyment, and to appreciate the effort the restaurant put into your meal by taking your time to eat it.

By doing something as easy as slowing down the speed at which you chew you can help improve so many aspects of your oral and digestive health. Take a couple extra minutes to finish eating your next meal to start improving your health today.

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