6 Ways to Clean Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush


6 Ways to Clean Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush

Did you leave on a long trip and forget to pack your Tooth Brush and toothpaste? No problem! Keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean by using these natural teeth cleaning secrets.

1. Find Something with Cinnamon

Now, this doesn’t include tasty desserts like cinnamon buns and apple pie, but things like cinnamon tea or cinnamon flavoured gum can help you keep your teeth clean in a pinch. Researchers have found that cinnamon flavoured things contain the compound of cinnamic aldehyde. This compound is an essential oil that gives cinnamon its deep golden brown colour and its flavouring, and also stops the growth of bacteria within the mouth.

2. Eat These Foods

Certain foods that are more firm or crips have the ability to “scrub” your teeth as you eat them, and can provide you with an alternative way to brush your teeth. Healthy foods such as apples, carrots, celery, or even unsweetened popcorn have the ability to clean debris from between the gaps in your teeth and clean away plaque.

3. Drink Herbal Tea

Certain herbal teas such as green or mint contain things called flavonoids. These flavonoids prevent harmful bacterias from sticking to the surfaces of your teeth and block the effects of sugar that can lead to tooth decay and enamel erosion.

4. Mouthwash

This may seem like an obvious solution, but we are mentioning it here because it’s important that you pick the right type of mouthwash to make sure you don’t unnecessarily expose yourself to harmful chemicals. When choosing between mouthwashes, make sure to pick one that is alcohol-free.

5. Drink Lots of Water

The majority of people today are dehydrated which they mistake for being hungry, causing them to eat food that they don’t necessarily need. To make sure that you are giving your body the hydration it needs, try to drink at least two litres of water a day. The more water you drink, the more opportunity you have to flush bad bacteria and debris out of your mouth.

6. Find a product with Xylitol

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to any of these things, search in your nearby convenience store or gas station for a gum or mint product that is sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is sugar-free and reduces the amounts of bad bacteria within your mouth. Consuming just one or two pieces a day will actually balance the pH levels within your mouth into their most optimum state and protect you from cavities and tooth decay.

If you’re hoping for an alternative that also can brush away the plaque and debris, try one of our Fuzzy Brushes! These are flavoured with beneficial xylitol crystals and also feature a chewable toothbrush mechanism that cleans your teeth as you chew.

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