About Us

Our Product

Fuzzy Brush is an innovative design by dentists who wanted to provide an effective, health conscious, and low cost product to their patients, and it is quickly becoming a global sensation. Fuzzy Brush offers consumers a hands-free, on-the-go tooth brushing experience with a jolt of freshness that lasts throughout the day. Each Fuzzy Brush comes coated in xylitol crystals that fight tooth decay, kill harmful bacteria, and promote optimal oral health. No toothpaste or water is required, just place the soft toothbrush in your mouth and chew like a piece of gum. A Fuzzy Brush will leave your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh – no fuss, no mess!

The History

Good things take time, and Fuzzy Brush was no exception to that rule. It took approximately 20 years for Fuzzy Brush to develop from a small idea to the popular and well-recognized product it is today. Back in 1996, Fuzzy Brush founder, Jim Drew, found a disposable toothbrush in a vending machine in a pancake restaurant in Amsterdam. He thought it had the potential to be a great product, so he set about developing that potential. From the very beginning Fuzzy Brush was intended to be a beneficial and effective oral hygiene product, so dentists were brought on board in the early stages of it’s development to ensure that it was made into the best product it could be. It has now since developed into a popular and well-loved product across many countries and is just beginning to make its debut into the American and Canadian market.


Fuzzy Brushes are available for shipment anywhere within the U.S. or Canada through Allure Imports Distribution. Take a step towards a healthier smile by ordering one of our many flavours today!