An Apple a Day Could Keep the Dentist Away!


An Apple a Day Could Keep the Dentist Away!

You’ve heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” before, but what if we told you these amazing fruits also benefited your dental health, too? No matter the type, shape, or size, apples have an incredible amount of health benefits that reach from your mouth all the way down to your toes. Of course, with every healthy food there comes a grey area where they can begin to have a negative impact if consumed improperly or if people over indulge, and apples are no different. But, if eaten properly in the suggested amounts, we believe that the benefits of apples far outweigh the downfalls.

The Good

But how good can an apple actually be? Well, because of their fibrous flesh, apples have the gift of being natural teeth scrubbers. When you bite into an apple, these fibers remove excess plaque, dirt, and debris that have been lodged between the gaps in your teeth. But it doesn’t just stop there. Apples also clean your gums and your tongue in addition to your teeth because of the acidity found in the apple. This acidity equalizes the pH level within your mouth reaching all the way to the back of your tongue and has the power to help people fight off bad breath. The skin of the apple is the most beneficial part of the apple because it contains the highest amount of fiber in the entire fruit.

But the benefits of apples extend far beyond your teeth, tongue and gums. Apples also possess impressive blood sugar level balancing abilities, but that’s only the beginning. Here is a list of all of the amazing benefits of eating apples:

  • High Nutrition
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Healthy Heart
  • Anti-Asthma
  • Promote a Healthy Gut
  • Rich in Antioxidants

The Bad

Apples contain a large amount of sugar, which gives them their flavor and sweetness. This sugar also has the ability to erode tooth enamel and in turn cause cavities and other infections. Where the risk lies is in the consumption of apple juice. Apple juice is a very concentrated and artificially sweetened beverage that is nothing short of a nightmare for your teeth.

In Conclusion: Eat Your Apples!

Despite the small amount of potential risks, we believe that apples are absolutely worth taking the ‘chance’!

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