Can the Fuzzy Brush Jingle Help Get Your Kids to Clean Their Teeth?


Can the Fuzzy Brush Jingle Help Get Your Kids to Clean Their Teeth?

If you’re a parent, you’re bound to have countless stories of when you had to skip your children’s dental hygiene routine. It might be because you had no access to toothpaste and a brush when you needed it. It might also be that your little one was simply not going to give into your demands for clean teeth. We’ve all been there.

What if we told you that there’s a simple and effective way for your children to brush their teeth anywhere and anytime. Now, what if we told you that children love this type of dental hygiene and they’re begging parents to let them use this secret technique?

We bet you’d want to hear more.

The Fuzzy way to get rid of tooth fuzz

The Fuzzy Brush is an all in one chewable toothbrush and breath freshener. Yes, you read right. It’s chewable. The small, dissolvable brush needs no toothpaste or water to perform its duty. Made almost completely of organic Xylitol, the brush is proven to neutralize plaque acidity and repair tooth enamel.

Children around the world are discovering just how easy it is to keep little teeth healthy. The brush has been designed to be gripped between the teeth and swiveled back and forth. Children can use their tongues to move the brush from tooth to tooth. When they’re done, they simply chew what’s left of the Fuzzy Brush so that every last ounce of its active ingredients can go to work protecting their teeth.

The silly jingle with a purpose

The Fuzzy Brush even comes with its own catchy jingle. But can the Fuzzy Brush jingle get your kids to clean their teeth? You can bet it does.

The Fuzzy Brushes jingle is a fun, silly and non-threatening way to get children to engage with the Fuzzy Brush and dental hygiene. Even the most reputable dental practices like Coast Dental & Orthodontics suggest that silly songs can help parents with dental hygiene routines.

Silly songs are anything but silly. Educators have been using silly-sounding songs to help children grasp concepts for years. Retail psychologists have been using jingles for decades to make sure consumers want to use their products. It only makes sense that parents should benefit from the same silly-song phenomenon.

Sneaky ways to use the song

Sneak it into the playlist you create for the kids on that long road-trip.

Or have your kids “catch you” singing the song at the top of your lungs while doing housework. You won’t have to sing it twice before they remind you they haven’t had their Fuzzy Brush treat that morning yet.

Use the Fuzzy Brush while on the go

The Fuzzy Brush was designed specifically to help people of all ages keep their teeth clean while on the go.

The Fuzzy Brush can come in handy if your child eats breakfast or lunch at school. It’s easy to pack in their lunch or school bag, and they can use it without feeling embarrassed. Because the brush dissolves during the process, you won’t have the same opposition from the school as who might if your child were chewing Xylitol gum.

It’s equally useful next to the sports field, at the dance studio, at the movies…the possibilities are endless.

Let each of your children pick out their own favorite Fuzzy Brush flavor and keep their individual packs handy in the school bag, car’s cubby or mom’s handbag. Don’t forget they’re just as helpful for mom and dad who are rushing from place to place and meal to meal to keep up with the kid’s schedules.

Hello dental dreamland

It’s an important thing to instill great oral hygiene habits from an early age so that your children have healthy smiles throughout their lives. The convenience of the Fuzzy Brush and catchiness of its silly-song jingle will make dental hygiene fun and memorable for your family.

So, say goodbye to the wriggler, the screamer, the jaw-clincher and the just-plain-refuser. It’s time to turn your dental drama into an anytime, anywhere dental dream with Fuzzy Brushes.

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