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Are you looking for a way to boost your monthly income without compromising on your schedule? Selling Fuzzy Brushes is the perfect way to maximize your profit by starting your own small business. Whether you’re a student, mother, retiree, or salary earner looking to build on your capital – you have the potential to take control of your lifestyle and make more money! Become your own boss today by starting your small business with Fuzzy Brush.


Why Fuzzy Brush?

Fuzzy Brushes are incredibly unique – and best of all, they work! Not only are they the perfect grab-and-go product, they’re also extremely effective and beneficial to your oral health. As a product that is sugar-free, vegan friendly, and cavity preventative, they’re suitable for absolutely everyone! It’s hard for customers to say no.

Fuzzy Brush Perfect For:

  • Professionals with minimal time between meetings
  • Those who embrace new solutions
  • Children with poor oral health
  • Those who are physically unable to use a toothbrush
  • Couples on their first date
  • Those with a long travel day
  • Families going on overseas vacations
  • Workers on business trips

We could keep going; the list is endless!

The convenience of our chewable, all-in-one, and portable toothbrush is unmatched within the oral hygiene industry, and our customers agree. There have been over 200 million units sold, and this is only the beginning! Millions of happy people can’t be wrong, and we want you to benefit off of the growing popularity of this product, too!

All Fuzzy Brush products are sold in small, re-sealable packages that are easily portable. So, unlike other dealerships, you no longer have to worry about preparation or upkeep. Just stock and go!


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Imagine the extra income you could generate when you start selling Fuzzy Brush! With a booming market and a product that is quickly growing in demand, there is profit just waiting to be made. Once you start selling we guarantee your customers will keep coming back for more.

Change your life, earn more money, and become your own boss.

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Boost your income

Imagine the extra income you could generate when you become a Fuzzy Brush dealer? Everyone wants to try something new just once, and with the Fuzzy Brush, the product is good enough to make people come back for more! Our customers tell us they love Fuzzy brushes so much, that they want to purchase them in bulk, so they never run out!


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