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The original chewable toothbrush

Fuzzy Brushes have a unique appeal – they almost sell themselves! They are the perfect grab-and-go product. Unlike other dealerships, you no longer have to worry about preparation or upkeep, just stock and go!

Nobody can resist the attraction of a chewable waterless toothbrush. And current sales of Fuzzy Brushes proves this to be true, as time-poor people of all walks of life discover a better way to brush their teeth. Fuzzy Brushes have visual appeal and are unique: You can’t buy them anywhere else.

Industry leading products

Fuzzy Brushes lead the industry with their innovative toothbrushes, and are perfect for:

  • Professionals who have no time to brush their teeth between meetings;
  • Time poor people who embrace new solutions;
  • Children with poor oral health as a result of poor brushing techniques;
  • People who can’t physically use a toothbrush;
  • Couples on their first date;
  • People who’ve forgotten to pack a toothbrush;
  • Families going on overseas vacations; and
  • Workers on business trips.

The list is endless!

Who hasn’t been stuck in a situation where you need fresh breath in a flash?

Boost your income

Imagine the extra income you could generate when you become a Fuzzy Brush dealer? Everyone wants to try something new just once, and with the Fuzzy Brush, the product is good enough to make people come back for more! Our customers tell us they love Fuzzy brushes so much, that they want to purchase them in bulk, so they never run out!

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