Dental Products Vegetarians Can Use


Dental Products Vegetarians Can Use

vegetarians could be putting themselves at an increased risk of periodontal disease. Finding suitable dental care products that are effective, but which are suitable for vegetarians to use is therefore essential. However, this doesn’t mean that vegans and vegetarians must give up brushing their teeth completely!

No Animal Product Mouthwash

Not all mouthwashes are suitable for vegetarians to use. However, Sarakan has developed an all-natural mouthwash that contains no animal-derived ingredients for your peace of mind.

Keeping Teeth Clean on The Move

hile you may have a vegetarian toothpaste at home, how can you keep your teeth clean on the go? The answer is to chew some minty candy. While many products contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin and so aren’t suitable for vegetarians who want to refresh their mouths on the move, Fuzzy Rock is the ideal solution. Fuzzy Brush is made from 99.7% natural birch tree xylitol, so you can rest assured that when you chew Fuzzy Rock your teeth are protected.

Enjoy the benefits that come with having a sparkling smile without having to compromise on your vegetarian lifestyle.

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