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Dorm Essentials Packing List

Whether this is your first or last semester in the dorms, packing for college can always be a little bit nerve-wracking. You need to pack all the essentials, but you don’t want to waste any space. The dorms are usually pretty small, and sharing a space with a roommate can be tough. One of the best ways to keep the peace when sharing such a small space with someone who is practically a stranger is to keep your side of the room clean.

In addition to keeping your room clean, you can make the best impression on your roommate and your peers by paying attention to hygiene. It might not surprise you that studies show people judge you based on your pearly whites. If you want to be seen as smarter, more successful, or just want more dates, a bright and clean smile is your clear way to success.

Keeping your teeth clean on campus can be tough! Here are 4 reasons why a Fuzzy Brush should be on your dorm essentials packing list.

Morning classes

Whether you are a morning person or not, morning classes can get old pretty quick. Hustling across campus to an 8 am class for a test after a long night of studying (or, maybe, partying?) means you don’t always have as much time to get ready as you might think. Your peers may not mind your cute kitten-print pajamas, but no one likes meeting a mouthful of morning breath!

To save your peers from dragon breath, you can pop a Fuzzy Brush in your mouth as you make a mad dash to your morning class.

Crazy class schedules

College, as you will quickly learn, is a completely dissimilar experience from high school. You no longer have someone making sure you are awake on time—and your schedule is usually all over the place. Whether you stack all your class on two days a week or spread them throughout the afternoons, so you get plenty of time to sleep, your class schedules can get crazy.

You will probably find yourself at some point with a short lunch break between two classes on opposite sides of campus. You might have enough time to sit and eat, or you may just need to hope for a food-friendly Professor. In either case, you probably won’t have enough time to march back to your dorm to freshen up your breath. Fortunately, the Fuzzy Brush is small and portable—you can easily chomp away for teeth-cleaning power as you meander toward your next class.

Late night study sessions

Studying for college is completely different from high school… you actually have to do it! Fortunately, you will quickly find willing participants for late night study groups for upcoming tests. You can keep a Fuzzy Brush in hand to make sure your teeth stay fresh and clean while you get some last-minute cramming in.


College means new friends! These will be some of the best friends you ever have. You might battle with homesickness or just spend all night talking about your intense interests. Sometimes, it is just easier to crash where you are than to make the trek back to your place. If this happens, having a Fuzzy Brush on hand can help make cleaning your teeth a breeze. No need to worry about plaque-buildup with one of these convenient tools in your pocket.

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