Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth


Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth

It’s no mystery that if you’re looking to maintain a white smile, having a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine isn’t the best decisions to make at the dinner table. But are there other foods that are just as guilty for teeth staining that you’re unaware of? Below we list 6 foods that aren’t commonly recognized as a staining risk.

Pasta Sauce

Mamma Mia! This delicious addition to many Italian dishes is on the top of the list for unexpected causes of yellow teeth. Due to the vibrant red colour properties in tomatoes and the warm temperatures of the sauce, simply put, this is a recipe for disaster! Thankfully, you wont have to sacrifice your weekly carb binge of pasta to maintain a pearly white smile. Just make sure to add a portion of spinach or broccoli to your meal before having the tomato sauce; broccoli and spinach add a film to your teeth that prevents staining.


Though they contain a potent amount of antioxidants that aid in boosting your immune and digestive system, their skin (especially in blueberries) possess impressive coloring capabilities. Although this comes in handy for dying clothing and decorating artwork, it’s not as beneficial to your smile. But don’t let their impressive hues stop you from enjoying their natural sweetness and health benefits, just be sure to swish water in your mouth after indulging to prevent the colors from tinting your pearly whites.


Brightly colored sauces like curries, though beautiful, unfortunately have the ability to stain our pots and pans and attach to our porous dental enamel. Similarly to tomato sauce, eating a healthy portion of leafy greens in advance can also prevent staining. Not only do they add a protective layer to your teeth, but they’re pretty darn good for you, too.

Any extremely Hot/Cold Beverages

When any liquid that is especially hot or cold comes in contact with your teeth it causes the teeth to contract. This makes the surface of your teeth more porous, allowing dyes to enter the outer surface of the teeth resulting in staining. Sodas, in particular, are especially guilty for staining due to the phosphoric and citrus acids which can erode tooth enamel. You can prevent staining from sodas by opting for a seltzer. Seltzers are a less color distorting option for your teeth and are an all around healthier option in comparison to sodas.


Sugar and sweeteners are dangerous for tooth health due to their tendency to promote tooth decay. When a tooth begins to decay the enamel will wear off, leaving it more susceptible to staining and cavities. But candies are not just bad for their sugar content; they’re also bad because of the amount of time that they stay in your mouth. Candies tend to be made with many vibrant dyes and colours to make them more appealing to children. A good rule of thumb: if it’s staining your tongue, then chances are it’s also staining your teeth

Balsamic Vinegar

It packs a punch of flavor for your salads and bread dips, but unfortunately that punch comes alongside a hit to the whiteness of your teeth. Just remember to include a portion of leafy greens to with your balsamic vinegar; lettuce helps prevent staining by adding a film over teeth to act as a barrier for your tooth enamel. Instead of balsamic, you could also opt for vinegar/salad dressings that are less colorful and clearer. Try lemon juice or lighter vinegars such as apple cider, rice, or white wine vinegar.

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