Fuzzy Brush: A Work Bag Necessity


Fuzzy Brush: A Work Bag Necessity

Fuzzy Brush: A Work Bag Necessity

According to studies, 60% of the population still work a traditional full-time 9-5 office job. If you’re one of the people included in this statistic of 60%, you understand better than anyone how long a 40 hour work week can begin to feel. It’s important to find ways to keep your spirits boosted even if you feel like you’re dragging your way through your work week. Here are 7 reasons Fuzzy Brush is an absolute necessity to include in your work bag to help you survive the day in and day out monotony of your office job.

1. It Curbs Your Sweet Craving

Fuzzy Brush offers customers the sweetness without the sugar! Being sweetened entirely from xylitol crystals, our product satisfies the need for something sweet without causing damaging side-effects like erosion on your enamel surface.

2. It’s Healthy

Not only does Fuzzy Brush have the ability to freshen your breath, but it also optimizes the pH level within your mouth as you chew! The xylitol crystals that coat the bristles of the Fuzzy Brush and give it its flavour are natural pH neutralizers and rid your mouth of unwanted bacteria.

3. It Cleans Your Teeth

The Fuzzy Brush is a chewable, all in on toothbrush for people who are on the go. It’s perfect for when you’ve just finished a little snack at your desk and get something stuck in your teeth, as the small soft bristles located on the brush easily and effectively remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth.

4. It Boosts Your Energy

Studies have shown that freshening up by doing things like washing your face and/or brushing your teeth can boost your energy by an astounding 30%. If you’re finding you’re energy levels are running on low once you reach the second half of your work day, use a Fuzzy Brush to get your second wind! Because it’s as easy to use as chewing a piece of gum, it’s unnoticeable by your coworkers and is perfect to use behind your desk even as you work.

5. It Curbs Coffee Breath

We know that one of the most important machines in every office building is the coffee machine – it’s vital to helping you make it through the day. But, along with all of those trips to the espresso machine comes coffee breath, which is not the most enjoyable taste to carry with you into meetings with clients. Keep a Fuzzy Brush close by to freshen up your breath between both coffee trips and your meetings.

6. It’s Compact

We know that after throwing in your wallet, water bottle, laptop, notepad, and keys, there isn’t much room left for extras within your workbag. This is what makes Fuzzy Brush the perfect workbag companion. It’s compact, malleable, and resealable packaging contains up to 10 Fuzzy Brushes and is easy to fit even in the smallest of spaces.

Help make it through your next work week by ordering a pack of Fuzzy Brushes today!

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