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How Fuzzy Brush Helps Autistic Children

Tuesday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day this year! Autism is a disorder that is near to the hearts of our team here at Fuzzy Brush as our all-in-one chewable toothbrush has been proven to benefit families affected by this disorder. Often, families with children affected by Autism face many challenges on a daily basis, leaving even the simplest of activities to become a complicated process. Fuzzy Brush can help with one of these processes. Because Autism often leaves children to be hypersensitive to any, or all, of the 5 senses, encouraging children with this disorder to clean their teeth can become an issue.

Here are a few ways that Fuzzy Brush aids Autistic children in their daily oral hygiene routine:

It’s a Stepping Stone

Autism leaves children to be hypersensitive to tastes, textures, and smells and can often make toothbrushing a complicated process. Our Fuzzy Brush offers parents a simple way to ease their children affected by Autism into independent toothbrushing. We recommend starting off by introducing children to our Fuzzy Rock first to allow them to adjust to the taste and crunchy sensation of the xylitol crystals before moving onto the Fuzzy Brush.

It’s Chewable

In many cases, children with Autism are found to find relief and comfort in the process of chewing. This can lead to them chewing things found within the home.

Provides Independence

A Fuzzy Brush does not require water or toothpaste and is meant to be manoeuvred within your mouth in a swivelling motion. Within a few tries, the technique of the Fuzzy Brush is easily adopted by the majority of our customers. This is a hands-free toothbrush meant to act as an alternative to the standard toothbrush. This provides you with the ability to brush your teeth alongside your child and help teach them through example.


Instead of being sweetened with sugar Fuzzy Brush is coated with Xylitol, an all organic and entirely naturally sourced ingredient, which has 40% fewer calories, is vegan friendly, and is safe for consumption by people affected by diabetes. Xylitol fights tooth decay, protects tooth enamel and kills harmful bacteria in the mouth. This beneficial ingredient is a great way to maintain your child’s oral hygiene even if they are not able to thoroughly clean their teeth.

Discuss it With Your Dentist

If you have any questions about whether or not it would be a good fit for your child, discuss the idea of it with your dentist first to get their opinion. We hope that Fuzzy Brush can become a helpful solution to a problem you are facing within your household. Try out Fuzzy Brush or Fuzzy Rocks today by ordering online through our website.

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