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How to Avoid Green Teeth on St. Paddy’s Day

It’s that time of year again! A celebration of the Irish culture sweeps through the nation with accessories of green shamrocks and leprechauns. Many pubs across North America throw parties at their establishments, and to celebrate the Irish heritage will dye everything they can green. Eggs, to mashed potatoes, to your favourite pint of beer will often be tinted a lovely shade of green. Though this can be fun and make you feel extra festive on St. Patricks Day, the consequence of green-stained teeth can stick around for the next couple days. Here are a few suggestions of what to do if you wake up with green stained teeth the morning after your St. Paddy’s day celebrations:

Avoid it

We know this sounds like a bit of a buzzkill, but it is true that the best way to avoid green teeth is to avoid the root of the problem. The green food dye. You can do this by asking your server or bartender to hold the green dye, or can just order food items that arent being dyed.

Tip for the beer drinkers: try ordering a darker beer on St. Patricks Day like a Guinness! These are darker in colour.

Bring Back-Up

Travel sized toothbrushes fit easily into small purses and can help keep your teeth pearly white all St. Paddy’s Day long. . Fuzzy Brush is a great compact option to keep your teeth and breath fresh on the go! Just pop one in after your green beer to keep the stains on your teeth at bay.

Tip: Mix in a glass of water between each dyed beverage to help rinse your mouth of the food dye.

What do I do if my Teeth are Already Dyed Green?

Did you over-indulge in green beers before considering the consequences? Before you admit your dark fate of heading into your office job with a set of shamrock coloured teeth, try brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste and follow with thoroughly flossing. Whitening toothpaste is more abrasive than normal toothpaste and can help scrub the stains off your teeth.

No Luck?

Try phoning your dentist for an emergency appointment. They have all the tools needed to return your smile back to its normal colour.

Don’t let the fear of green teeth stop you from enjoying the festivities of St. Patricks Day. Just keep our tips in mind while you go out to celebrate and your smile should be just fine.

Happy St. Patricks Day, everyone!

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