Mint Candies vs. Fuzzy Rocks


Mint Candies vs. Fuzzy Rocks

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You’re driving home after a dinner party with friends and you’re reaching into your dash to grab something to freshen your breath. After ruffling through a receipt or two, a stack of fast food napkins, and some loose change, you find a mint candy in the bottom of your cup holder and pop it into your mouth. One every now and then is no big deal, but what if these candies aren’t as effective as you think they are at freshening your breath? Let’s take a closer look at the typical mint candies offered in supermarkets and stores and compare them to our Fuzzy Rocks to see which of the two is more effective.

Sugar Content

Mint Candies

The majority of mint candies offered within stores are colourful, flavourful, and are loved by many consumers across North America.

The problem is that if mint candies are eaten too frequently they can actually lead to the decay of enamel on your teeth due to the high sugar content, and can cause cavities and infections from the bacteria growth within your mouth.

Fuzzy Rocks

Fuzzy Rocks actually contain zero grams of sugar and get all of their sweetness from xylitol crystals, their main ingredient. Unlike sugar, xylitol prevents the decay of enamel, and actually improves the health of your teeth with every bite.

Fresh Breath

Mint Candies

Mint Candies cause tooth enamel to erode. This erosion of the protective layer found on our teeth exposes our teeth to potentially harmful bacteria. High amounts of sugar also feed these harmful bacteria, providing them with the perfect environment to grow and multiply. Eating mint candies that contain high levels of sugar may give you an immediate fresh feeling and a small boost of energy, but the long-term effects are detrimental to oral health and can actually lead to a problem bad breath in the future.

Fuzzy Rocks

Xylitol has a similar taste and appearance to sugar, but has fewer calories and doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.  Xylitol actually promotes the increase in production of saliva, which washes away the bad bacteria by making the mouth inhabitable.

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