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Our smile plays a big part in our expressions and how other people see us; it’s usually the first thing people notice when they meet us. We’ve all been to the dentist at some point in our lives, and know that dental health is understandably very important to the quality of our day-to-day lives. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day, as well as taking care to floss before brushing to remove food particles. Without proper care, poor dental health can lead to mouth sores, plaque buildup, and even decay and loss of teeth.

Good Brushing Habits

Practicing good brushing habits is the best way to ensure your oral hygiene is up to par. Brushing twice a day for two minutes in a circular motion is a good rule of thumb. However, frequent travelers, busy parents, or anyone, in general, can find it difficult to take time out and brush properly. Often, we find ourselves brushing hastily to get on with the rest of our day, and as a result, our teeth suffer. However, there’s a simple, affordable – and all natural – solution: The Fuzzy Brush.

Fuzzy Brush

The Fuzzy Brush is the latest innovation in the dental hygiene world and is quickly becoming a favorite and trusted tool by consumers all around the globe. The Fuzzy Brush is a chewable toothbrush that ensures you get an excellent dentist-quality clean, even without using water or toothpaste. Simply take a chewable brush out of the pack, and chew on it to freshen up breath, remove plaque, and keep your teeth pearly white. These chewable brushes also come in resealable pouches of ten units to ensure freshness for extended periods of time and are available in Fuzzy Brush and rocks flavors. The rocks taste like candy and chewing the brushes acts like a toothbrush.


Each chewable brush comes with a Xylitol coating that instantly kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and strengthens gums and teeth. Xylitol is used in toothpaste to help clean your teeth. Dentists recommend Xylitol-infused toothpaste as studies have shown Xylitol helps kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay.


The brushes are available for shipment to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada through Allure Imports distribution. Take charge of your dental health in a fun, affordable, and time efficient way by using Fuzzy Brushes!

A Chewable ToothBrush

Fuzzy Brushes are a unique all-in-one toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentist. All you have to do is place the soft mini toothbrush in your mouth and chew; just like a piece of gum, the results are amazing! While chewing, the natural action of the brush cleans your teeth as you maneuver it around your mouth.

A Fuzzy Brush will quite simply leave your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh – no fuss, no mess! No toothpaste or water required so you don’t have to rush to the nearest sink and they are completely safe to use.

Contains 95% Xylitol to Keep Teeth Clean & Healthy!


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Fuzzy Brush is a unique ‘all in one’ chewable toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentists. All you have to do is place the soft mini toothbrush in your mouth and chew just like a piece of gum… the results are amazing!

How to Use

  • Grip the brush between your teeth & swivel.
  • Use your tongue to move the brush around your mouth.
  • Chewing, the bristles brush helps to remove plaque.
  • Quickly and discreetly clean all your teeth.
  • Try breathing air through your teeth.