Fuzzy Brush Cool Mint


A large 10 pack of our classic Fuzzy Brush product in our well-loved Cool Mint Flavour. This is the perfect size for someone who wants to always have fresh breath on the go.

Each of our Fuzzy Brush products is coated in xylitol crystals that kill the bad bacteria in the mouth, promote healthier teeth and gums, and effectively freshen breath.



Stay fresh around-the-clock with this ten-day supply of your favourite chewable toothbrushes! Our Fuzzy Brush capsules clean your teeth and freshen your breath with no water or toothpaste required – ideal for everyone from busy mums to hardworking professionals.

These Fuzzy Brush teeth-cleaning capsules contain Xylitol, which kills bacteria in the mouth, as well as ensuring that new bacteria doesn’t take its place. Not only will you enjoy minty fresh breath, you’ll also benefit from stronger, healthier teeth and gums.

Available in a delicious ‘coolmint’ flavour, this 10 pack of Fuzzy Brushes will see you through any long weekend or extended business trip.

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