Fuzzy Rock – 40g


A full-sized package of our popular Fuzzy Rock in the classic Cool Mint Flavour. Fuzzy Rocks are breath mints made entirely from the same xylitol crystals that coat our Fuzzy Brush products. Fuzzy Rock kill off the bad bacteria, fight tooth decay, and are sugar-free, vegan friendly, and unbelievably refreshing!



For minty fresh breath wherever you are, keep a pack of Fuzzy Rocks in Crystal Cool mint in your handbag, briefcase or backpack. These 100% sugar-free mints are loaded with Xylitol, to kill harmful bacteria and freshen your breath on-the-go.

The delicious mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Fuzzy Rocks formula will leave you feeling fresh, clean and healthy. Practicing good brushing habits is the best way to ensure your oral hygiene is up to par. Brushing twice a day for two minutes in a circular motion is a good rule of thumb.

Fuzzy Rock will quite simply leave your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh no fuss, no mess! No toothpaste or water required so you don’t have to rush to the nearest sink and they are completely safe to use.

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