Sport’s Tournament? Pack Fuzzy Brushes for Better Oral Hygiene on the Go


Sport’s Tournament? Pack Fuzzy Brushes for Better Oral Hygiene on the Go

Another grueling sports tournament comes around. Your athlete is ready to tear up the field, but are you prepared to maintain oral hygiene meanwhile? Let’s face it: nobody’s going to have much time (or extra energy) to brush between games.

Just remembering the toothbrush is likely to be a bridge too far for a young kid, and if you’re the athlete yourself, you’ll have better things to focus on. Why distract yourself from the tournament? Whether you’re a proud parent, an athlete, or a coach, Fuzzy Brush offers an easier way to clean your teeth despite your busy schedule.

Fuzzy Brushes Let You Brush on the Go

Experts agree that when you’re using the traditional bristles on a stick, you must brush your teeth for about two minutes to get real benefits. That may not seem like a long time but think of everything else that must happen in between games.

With Fuzzy Brush, you don’t need to waste time in front of a mirror, much less in a long queue of fellow football players all waiting for the single available sink. Instead, just pop a Fuzzy Brush in your mouth and chew. There’s no need to rinse with water or spit. You can chew on a Fuzzy Brush even as you ready yourself and your teammates for your next match.

Mom and dad can get the benefits, too. After all, missing that critical shot because you had to be away to maintain your dental hygiene just won’t do. Pass Fuzzy Brushes out to the entire family and team! You’ll save more than just a few goals.

Fuzzy Brushes are Cleaner Than Regular Toothbrushes

On top of being convenient, Fuzzy Brushes are just cleaner than toothbrushes. Given this, it’s a wonder anyone bothers with the old way anymore.

Consider the following: your young athlete tosses a toothbrush into their gym bag with their cleats and shin guards. Already, it’s not a particularly clean environment. How likely is it that they’re going to take the time to fish that brush out of their bag in the first place, much less change it out on schedule?

Experts recommend replacing toothbrushes once every three or four months. Otherwise, they’ll grow a colony of bacteria that can make your oral maintenance routine completely moot. You’ll essentially be brushing germs onto your teeth instead of away from them. The close, moist confines of a gym bag only exacerbate the conditions under which regular toothbrushes go bad.

Fresh Breath Has Never Been More Convenient

Fuzzy Brushes are single-use chewables. Once your mouth feels clean, you spit the Fuzzy Brush into the trash and move on to your next game. They come in a safe, clean, resealable plastic bag. You can clean your teeth up to ten times before you need to restock.

Think of the preparation an athlete could accomplish as they chew a Fuzzy Brush. At the same time as they clean their teeth, they could dress for the next game, convene with teammates about strategy, or celebrate that big win. Best of all, after using a Fuzzy Brush, their breath feels and smells as fresh as if they’d just rinsed with mouthwash.

Fuzzy Brushes don’t just clean your teeth but leave your breath pleasant and prepared for those close huddles. That’s why Fuzzy Brushes come in so many great flavors.

The next time you’ve got to hit the road for a big tournament, don’t neglect your teeth. After all, you might have to smile as you win the World Cup someday! Fuzzy Brushes aren’t just more convenient than traditional methods, they might be the only way you’re going to fit proper oral care into your athletic meet schedule. Once you switch to Fuzzy Brushes, you may never go back.

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