Try Our Fuzzy Rocks for Fresh Breath on the Go!


Try Our Fuzzy Rocks for Fresh Breath on the Go!

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Have you discovered Fuzzy Brush, the innovative chewable toothbrush that lets you get healthy teeth without toothpaste or water? Regardless of whether it’s new to you or you’re a longtime fan of the brand, you’re definitely going to love Fuzzy Rock! Here’s why you should try Fuzzy Rock for fresh breath on the go.

What is the Fuzzy Brush?

The Fuzzy Brush is an innovative chewable toothbrush that allows people of all ages to achieve healthy clean teeth wherever they are. Designed to clean without water, these fun little disposable brushes have been popping up everywhere people need clean teeth in a pinch. From offices to clubs, to camps, and overseas adventures – everyone loves the chewable brush.

Introducing Fuzzy Rock

Designed by the same brand that brought you Fuzzy Brushes, Fuzzy Rock is a candy-like crystal that cleans your teeth without even a brush. Fuzzy Rock is made from the same quality ingredients that coat the Fuzzy Brush. All you need to do is pop a Fuzzy Rock in your mouth, and you’ll get fresh breath without the need to dispose of a toothbrush.

While Fuzzy Rock tastes delicious and looks like your favorite candy or mint – it’s actually great for your teeth and is a superior choice when it comes to fresh breath on the go. Here are the reasons why Fuzzy Rock is the perfect item to have on hand wherever you are:

Healthy alternative improves oral health

Mints and hard candies are delicious, but they are terrible for your teeth. If you’d like to care for your teeth more, but still crave that mint or candy-like texture and taste, then look no further than Fuzzy Rock.

Fuzzy Rock is made from Xylitol which is great for improving oral health. Xylitol has been proven to reduce plaque, repair tooth enamel, and reduce the chances of cavities – which makes it more effective than even your favorite toothpaste. The effect is cumulative. The more you use Xylitol, the healthier your teeth become! One pack used daily can reduce bacteria and plaque by 50% within a week.

Convenient pouch and a variety of flavors

If you like candies and mints, why not buy a sweet and a minty flavor, so you always have a healthier choice on hand when the craving hits? Fuzzy Rock is available in fun flavors like bubblegum too! Fuzzy Rock comes in a handy zip-lock pack which allows you to keep it anywhere you need them. In the car, in the office, in your bag – store a few bags away for when you need it most.

Guilt-free treat that’s good for your waistline

Candies and mints are packed with sugar, which is terrible for your waistline. Unlike unhealthy candies, Fuzzy Rock only contains 96 calories per pack. If you’re a regular candy eater, you could experience a slight weight loss if you give up your favorite treat and replace it with Fuzzy Rock.

Unlike other sweets and mints, Fuzzy Rock is free of sugar and animal products, so you can freely share them around without worrying about your family’s or coworkers’ health conditions.

They are also suitable for people with diabetes, vegetarians, and vegans.

If you haven’t discovered the Fuzzy Rock revolution today, then why not pick up a pack and get crunching?

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