Turmeric: A Fast Track to Oral Health


Turmeric: A Fast Track to Oral Health


If you’re a person who enjoys spending time in the kitchen you probably recognize turmeric as the spice that has cast a yellow hue on the majority of your kitchen tools. Turmeric is a spice that possesses a bright yellow/orange hue, but its potential lies far past its ability to stain the dishes; it also holds very potent healing properties.

A Natural Medicine

Turmeric has been used heavily for thousands of years in the Eastern regions of the world as a strong and effective inflammation-fighting super spice. This spice is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicinal practices, but more recently has been recognized within the western world for its impressive healing properties. It has been found to be equally as effective as pharmaceutical drugs in many cases and has earned it’s impressive abilities to its active ingredient curcumin. Not only does the curcumin in turmeric help with inflammation within the body, but it is also very effective in benefiting digestion, skin irritations, and oral health.

Oral Health Benefits

Turmeric is a highly impressive spice, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. Here are a few ways that implementing turmeric in your daily routine can improve your dental health:

Teeth Whitening

Though activated charcoal, baking soda, and lemon juice are currently in the spotlight for natural teeth whitening techniques, turmeric is beginning to steal some of the attention. Despite it’s intense yellow colour and its incredible staining abilities, when it comes to teeth, turmeric couldn’t act more oppositely than you’d probably guess. If used on a regular basis, turmeric could help your teeth become progressively whiter by slowly removing the appearance of stains.

Infection Fighting

The next time you believe you are starting to develop an infection within your mouth leave your mouthwash in the bathroom cabinet and reach for your spice rack instead. Turmeric has impressive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it an impressive dental aid, and could be the answer you’re looking for to soothe your toothache. To tap into its healing abilities make a turmeric mouthwash, paste, or mix a teaspoon of the spice into your latte in the morning.

Cancer Fighting

Not only does it help with small infections, but turmeric is also impressive in fighting off strong and often terminal illnesses such as mouth cancer. The component curcumin that is found in turmeric has been proven in scientific studies to have anticancer healing abilities on countless occasions. The scientific research behind it is quite complex, but in simpler terms, turmeric has the ability to stop the growth of a tumour, the spreading of cancer, and the formation of cancer in the first place.

Need we say more?

It’s no question that turmeric is a spice you need to add into your day to day life. Get started today by visiting your local grocery store and researching online for recipes to help implement this amazing spice into your routine and get yourself on the fast-track to optimum oral health.

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