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Why Dentists are Including Fuzzy Brush in Their Goodie Bags at Check Out

The dentist may not be your favorite place to visit, but you must admit that receiving that goodie bag full of teeth-cleaning products brings up nostalgia. We love that those goodie bags have evolved with us as we have grown up—from bags stuffed with sugar-free lollipops and kid-friendly toothpaste to travel-size tubes of gum-saving breath-freshening minty goodness. Dental goodie bags are a convenient way to introduce new products that help keep our teeth clean around the clock.

If you have been to the dentist lately, you may have noticed they included a fuzzy brush in your goodie bag. Across the country, dentists are including these convenient teeth-cleaning brushes in their goodie bags to introduce patients to hygiene on the go and encourage more frequent teeth cleaning.

On-the-go hygiene with fuzzy brush

One of the biggest benefits to including a fuzzy brush in your goodie bag is the increased likelihood you will use your chewable toothbrush while you are out and about. Fuzzy brushes are made so you can conveniently chew on them wherever you are—which dentists love. By including this convenient chewable, professionals in the teeth-cleaning business hope to promote your hygiene habits even if you aren’t at home. No water or toothpaste is required. Simply pop one in your mouth and begin chewing.

These fuzzy brushes are great for on-the-go hygiene. Use them after your morning visit to the gym, lunch in the office, or while you wait for your friends at a local coffee shop. Chewing on these convenient and discreet brushes help keep your breath fresh even if you’re short on time or out in public.

Frequent teeth cleaning

Have you seen those flosser-toothpick hybrids? Someone created those to help you floss more frequently with less effort. Fuzzy brush does the same thing for brushing your teeth! You know that running errands and travel can make frequent brushings more difficult—fuzzy brush helps eliminate the stress of brushing when you are on the go.

You can encourage better brushing habits in yourself, and family members by keeping your fuzzy brush handy no matter where you are. These time-saving cleaners can be used to add frequent teeth-cleaning to your daily routine.

Meal-time teeth-cleaning madness

Today’s world is all go, go, go! Rather than cooking at home, you might be grabbing breakfast on the go while you head to work, lunch in the office while your kids are eating lunch at school, and late nights at the office or after-school events with tiny catered meals. Your teeth can go from feeling squeaky-clean to not-so-fresh pretty quickly with such a busy schedule! If you like to keep your teeth clean and breath fresh by removing all those on-the-go meals from your teeth, the fuzzy brush can definitely help.

Dentists know, more often than not, you are probably out and about while eating your meals. They hope that including the fuzzy brush in your checkout goodie bag means you can keep up with your oral hygiene even if you can’t get to your toothbrush at home.

If you like Fuzzy Brush, you’ll love Fuzzy Rocks. This innovative candy-like crystal cleans your teeth without a brush and is available in an assortment of delicious flavors! They offer all the same benefits as fuzzy brush.

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