Why Fuzzy Brush Capsules are a Global Trend


Why Fuzzy Brush Capsules are a Global Trend

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The fuzzy brush is quickly becoming the toothbrush of choice for people of all ages. An innovative option to standard toothbrushes, here are the reasons why fuzzy brush capsules are a global trend.

What is a fuzzy brush?

A fuzzy brush is a chewable toothbrush designed to clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly without any water or additional paste. All you need to do is put one in your mouth and chew it. Most importantly, the fuzzy brush is coated in xylitol which is known for keeping teeth healthy without the side effects of fluoride. Imagine never needing water or toothpaste to brush your teeth on the go?

Convenience in a capsule

While fuzzy brushes can be bought in pouches, the best way to buy a fuzzy brush is in a convenient capsule. Simply open one of these colored balls to find a single use brush, which you can keep in your work bag, briefcase, handbag, desk drawer, or car. With the fuzzy brush capsule, you can have clean teeth anywhere – anytime.

Mess-free option

If you’ve ever kept toothpaste and a toothbrush in your bag, you’ll know how messy it can get. Not only that, but wet brushes can grow harmful bacteria. This is why disposable fuzzy brushes are becoming so popular – a healthy mouth and a healthier body all at the same time. You won’t end up with toothpaste on important work documents, and your toothbrush won’t get dirty – what could be better?

Discreet function

Fuzzy brushes are discreet. Simply open the capsule and put it in your mouth; a few chews are all it takes to freshen your mouth and clean your teeth. Pop it in our mouth before an important meeting, a hot date, a long flight or any time you need to brush your teeth and freshen your breath.

Easy to pack on trips

If you don’t like to pack heavy, fuzzy brush capsules are a great choice. They fully comply with airline requirements, so you can take them on board without a problem.

Great for your teeth

Toothpaste must be rinsed, which is why fuzzy brush capsules are so great. Instead of worrying about swallowing the paste, all you need to do is chew while fuzzy brush goes to work.

Fun for children of all ages

Children love fuzzy brush capsules because the brush is fun, and the outer casing looks like a toy – like the Pokémon ball. Many children need to be encouraged to brush their teeth, but fuzzy brush capsules make them eager to keep their teeth clean. What could be better than great oral health for children? Better care now equals healthy teeth for life.

Fuzzy brush capsules are available in an assortment of flavors. If your children don’t like cool mint, perhaps bubblegum or lemon will suit? If you think you’ll need many, fuzzy brush capsules are available in bulk, so you know you’ll always have one available when you need it.

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