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Why Fuzzy Brush Should Go to Summer Camp with Your Child

Are your children off to summer camp this year? While children love summer camp, they sometimes get too distracted and forget to do their normal self-care tasks, such as brushing their teeth properly. If you haven’t considered it already, here’s why Fuzzy Brush should go to summer camp with your child.

What is a fuzzy brush?

A fuzzy brush is a disposable, chewable toothbrush that allows people of all ages to brush their teeth without water. Dentists designed them to help people achieve great oral health with less hassle, which is why they’re so great for children.

Why fuzzy brushes are great for summer camp

Fuzzy brushes are so much more fun than a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Most kids hate the fuss of brushing their teeth, so they skip it. Children simply love the unique concept of chewing your teeth clean, which stops you worrying about whether they are doing a good job.

Less bacterial growth

Unlike a regular toothbrush, fuzzy brushes are designed to be used once then thrown away. This is great because there is no chance of your child getting sick from bacterial or viral growth, which is common when a kid leaves their toothbrush in a warm, wet area.

Some children love fuzzy brushes so much they want to brush their teeth more than twice a day. While we don’t recommend over brushing, it’s good to know that fuzzy brushes are a proven way to get children into the habit of regular brushing.

Taste great and good for teeth

Most children love the gentler Cool Mint Fuzzy Brush, which gives them a fresh, clean breath. Fuzzy brushes also offer fuzzy rock, which comes in range of delicious flavors, such as bubblegum or even a delicious lemon if your child prefers a fruitier flavor.

Fuzzy brushes aren’t just a lot of delicious fun; they also maintain good oral health. These chewable toothbrushes are made with sugar-free Xylitol which has been proven to prevent and treat tooth decay.

Portable and easy to pack

Unlike regular toothpaste, Fuzzy brushes can go anywhere. Have you ever had a kid turn up at summer camp with a tube of toothpaste leaking all over their clothing? Fuzzy brushes have a coating of paste which activates when it makes contact with saliva – no more spills is sure to be a plus!

Unlike regular toothpaste and toothbrushes, which require their own pouch, fuzzy brushes simply fit into your child’s bag without any hassle. Plus, you won’t see that disgusting toothpaste stained pouch and splayed toothbrush at the end of the camp. It’s completely mess free and totally efficient.

Make new friendships

Fuzzy Brushes are a great way to encourage more social interaction at summer camp. If you have a kid that has a hard time making friends, do them a favor and load them up with enough fuzzy brushes to give away. Fuzzy brushes are a hit with everyone and are a great way to get kids into brushing their teeth.

Summer camp smiles

With the fuzzy brush, you can wave your child off at summer camp knowing they’ll do a great job of cleaning their teeth. What could be better for their oral health than promoting good habits in a fun way?

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