Why Use a Fuzzy Brush


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Why Use a Fuzzy Brush?

The Fuzzy Brush is one of the latest dental innovations, and it is quickly become popular with tens of thousands of people across the globe… but what exactly is it, and should you be using one?

The Fuzzy Brush is a chewable toothbrush pod that doesn’t require water or toothpaste – all you need to do is put the pod in your mouth and start chewing. The pods are available in three different flavors, and they can be bought in pouches of ten. They are also stocked in various places, including some dentist’s offices so that you may encounter them soon.

Here are three reasons to use a fuzzy brush.

They Are Easy to Use on the Go

One of the main benefits of Fuzzy Brushes is that they can easily be used on the go. When it comes to traveling, most people want to pack light, so a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a sealable plastic bag aren’t always a great option – especially if you don’t know if there will be clean water. However Fuzzy Brushes are much smaller than standard toothbrushes, and you don’t need to pack any toothpaste or waterproof bags; simply need to pop the pods in your pocket or bag, and you are good to go. It is even possible to fit the pods into your pocket, so they are very easy to carry around!

This is ideal for lots of situations, including hiking, long-haul flights, or even before a first date. After all, first impressions count for a lot, so it is always best to start your date with minty fresh breath!

They can also be used at festivals, which is very useful; a new study has found that most festival goers neglect their oral health. This can cause tooth decay over time, and let’s be honest; no-one likes waking up in a tent with a funny tasting mouth after a night of partying with other festival participants.

They are Fun for Kids

It can be very difficult to get children to brush their teeth – especially if they are traveling or going to a sleepover! Thankfully Fuzzy Brush can be used on busy days to make sure your kids still have clean teeth. And it shouldn’t be difficult to encourage your child to chew the Fuzzy Brush, because it is definitely more fun than traditional brushing!

Fuzzy Brushes can also be beneficial for children who brush their teeth too quickly, as the solution will fill the whole mouth and make sure that every tooth is cleaned. This can help to make sure your child’s teeth are safe while they learn how to properly brush their teeth.

They are Just as Effective as Toothbrushes

Fuzzy Brushes may be fun for kids, but they are also very effective at preventing tooth decay; various studies have found that toothpaste pods are just as effective as toothbrushes for oral hygiene. This is because the pods contain Xylitol, which instantly kills of nasty bacteria in your mouth. In fact, most dentists recommend that people use Xylitol-infused toothpaste, as it is one of the most effective ways to combat tooth decay. So Fuzzy Brushes aren’t just fun to use; they are also practical and effective, so you can safely use them as an occasional alternative to brushing.

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